The Executive Speaking

Training Workshop

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Each intensive, “boot-camp” workshop has this basic schedule

8:30AM Registration

9:00AM Session

10:00AM Student Presentations

Noon Lunch

1:00PM Sessions

2:00 Student Presentations and Evaluation

5:30PM Conclusion

Schedule subject to change, of course. Plan on some “homework” before the event begins. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time for breaks and an afternoon refresher snack- you’ll want these moments to re-energize for focused group sessions

An Investment in Yourself

Your investment in your future success is designed to be affordable. Take advantage of early registration when available.

By the way, your presenter(s) will not vanish at meals! Use our shared meal time to pick their brains for nuggets of knowledge about your speaking situation and needs.

A private workshop can be arranged for groups of five or more. Discounts to the public workshop are available for groups that register 3 or more people at once. Workshops outside of the Phoenix area can be arranged. You must contact our office directly for the private workshops or group registrations.

Who Should Attend?

The short answer is: anyone who has to speak to other people in any situation.

Sean has trained lawyers, CEO’s, CFO’s, teachers, administrators, theater majors, sales people, pastors and ministers, college and high-school students, health-care professionals, call-center workers, miners, government workers, HR pros, marketing specialists, construction workers, “techies” and storytellers in both private coaching and public workshops.

What Others Say About our Workshops:

“I think my mind set has been permanently altered by this event. The breadth and depth of your knowledge and your passion to share it are simultaneously humbling and inspiring.”