The Executive Speaking

Training Workshop

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Each intensive, “boot-camp” workshop has this basic schedule

8:30AM Registration

9:00AM Session

10:00AM Student Presentations

Noon Lunch

1:00PM Sessions

2:00 Student Presentations and Evaluation

5:30PM Conclusion

Schedule subject to change, of course. Plan on some “homework” before the event begins. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time for breaks and an afternoon refresher snack- you’ll want these moments to re-energize for focused group sessions


Attention. Retention. Recognition.

Your GOLDEN Tongue

“There’s gold in them there words” of yours! (Paraphrasing the old-time movie prospectors!) Learn to mine the gold of increased sales. Discover the gold in customers and clients who are draw to your authentic presentations. Mine the gold in your own relationships with family and friends! Find the gold in conveying a message that motivates your customers, your students, your congregation, your family.

Experience New Growth to Your Skill Set

You know the old cliche that people are more afraid of public speaking than dying, right? We’ll take you way beyond just “having confidence” to KNOWING you are using your public speaking with mastery and conviction. Our small workshop size (just 10 people max.) and small breakout sessions (for groups larger than 5 people) will give you a chance to practice and master what we’re teaching. It’s more like a boot camp then just another in-service or a get-out-of-the-office “conference.”

“But I am Already a Pro!”

Congrats, Mr. or Ms. Confidence! We’re ready for you, too, as we will go in deep on the ONE ANCIENT SECRET practiced by the great speakers, teachers and orators of history past and present. (And when current leaders don’t use this skill well, they become the butt of jokes on the late night comedy shows.)