The Executive Speaking

Training Workshop

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You get

all these features:

Many hours of training, coaching and practice in a small-group setting

Individual speaking time with your group

Lunch and afternoon refreshment

The “Storytelling” workbook and a copy of another book by someone

Certificate of Completion

Schedule subject to change, of course. Plan on some “homework” before the event begins. Don’t worry, there is plenty of time for breaks and an afternoon refresher snack- you’ll want these moments to re-energize for focused group sessions

“But I am Already a Pro!”

Congrats, Mr. or Ms. Confidence!

We’re ready for you, too, as we will go in deep on the ONE ANCIENT SECRET practiced by the great speakers, teachers and orators of history past and present. (And when current leaders don’t use this skill well, they become the butt of jokes on the late night comedy shows.)

Here are some of highlights of what we’ll cover in our workshop:

*The one question you must answer for your audience right away or they’ll be working on their mental grocery list while you speak.

*Discover your individual secret that separates you from the rest of the speakers.

*The surprising techniques of a good speaker that you need before you even open your mouth to speak a single word.

*The power of crafting a story: knowing what to keep and what to lay aside.

*How to focus on your listeners. Your audience is never your enemy- forget the archaic (and harmful) advice of “seeing them in their underwear.”

*How to engage your audience using theater techniques even if you hate (or fear) theater techniques.

*The strength and techniques of “Intentionality” that will help you develop your repertoire of having the exact story you need at the exact moment you need it.

*How to be authentic and available to your audience without being sappy, manipulative or turning over control.

*Learn to drop the old-school, archaic rules of presenting and find out how the new rules create freedom for you and long-lasting impressions for your modern audience.

*The energy of “word sounds” that create pictures in the minds of your listeners.

*How to incorporate much needed down-time into every presentation.

*Excellent, experienced coaching that gently “pulls out” your innate skills.

*Networking with other professionals with our fun brain-set stretching activities.

*Learn to use a microphone while learning the do’s and don’ts with real equipment.

*Discover how to use Image Hooks™ in your slides…for those rare when you must use the dreaded projected slides.

*More materials than we are posting here!

You get all these features:

*Many hours of training, coaching and practice in a small-group setting

*Individual speaking time with your group

*Lunch and afternoon refreshment

*The “Storytelling 101” workbook and a copy of another book by Sean Buvala

*Certificate of Completion

An Investment in Yourself.

Your investment in your future success is designed to be affordable. Take advantage of early registration when available.

By the way, your presenter(s) will not vanish at meals! Use our shared meal time to pick their brains for nuggets of knowledge about your speaking situation and needs.

A private workshop can be arranged for groups of five or more. Discounts to the public workshop are available for groups that register 3 or more people at once. Workshops outside of the Phoenix area can be arranged. You must contact our office directly for the private workshops or group registrations.